Ministry Training Course

The Foursquare School of Ministry exists for the sole purpose of providing tools for the equipping of Believers to live as holy, righteous, empowered disciples of Christ, to serve and function in the Body in their particular gifting, and to impact their world for the Kingdom of God. It is our desire to accomplish this purpose through the teaching of sound Biblical doctrine and hands-on, activated discipleship. Finally, it is the purpose of the School of Ministry to see people launched into the area of ministry in the Church that the Lord has individually appointed.

Module One – Discovering New Life (Download Module 1)
Part 1 Discovering New Life
● Lesson One: God’s Gift
● Lesson Two: Spiritual Growth
● Lesson Three: Developing Power
● Lesson Four: Discovering Gifts
● Lesson Five: The Church Family
● Lesson Six: The Mission of the Church

Module Two – Discovering Your Mission (Download Module 2)
Part 2 Discovering Your Mission
● Lesson Seven: Your Spiritual Inventory
● Lesson Eight: Releasing Service Gifts
● Lesson Nine: Releasing Communication Gifts
● Lesson Ten: Releasing Pastoral Gifts
● Lesson Eleven: Releasing Evangelistic Gifts
● Lesson Twelve: Profile for Service

Module Three: Foundations/Disciplines of the Disciple (Download Module 3)
Part 1 Bible Study
● Lesson One: How We Got the Bible
● Lesson Two: Inductive Bible Study
● Lesson Three: Topical and Character Studies
● Lesson Four: Devotional Study and Journaling

Module Four: Foundations/Disciplines of the Disciple (Download Module 4)
Part 2 Prayer
● Lesson Five: Petition & Supplication
● Lesson Six: Binding, Loosing & the Prayer of Faith
● Lesson Seven: Intercession and Praise & Worship
● Lesson Eight: Prayer of Agreement and Fasting

Module Five: Foundations/Disciplines of the Disciple (Download Module 5)
Part 3 Character Development
● Lesson Nine: Righteousness
● Lesson Ten: Fruit of the Holy Spirit
● Lesson Eleven: Relationships
● Lesson Twelve: The Anointing

Module Six: Maturity/Bible Basics (Download Module 6)
Part 1 Old Testament Study
● Lesson One: Old Testament Introduction
● Lesson Two: The Law
● Lesson Three: History
● Lesson Four: Poetry
● Lesson  Five: Major Prophets
● Lesson Six: Minor Prophets

Module Seven: Maturity/Bible Basics (Download Module 7)
Part 2 New Testament Study
● Lesson Seven: New Testament Introduction
● Lesson Eight: The Gospel and The Acts
● Lesson Nine: The Epistles of Paul-Part One
● Lesson Ten: The Epistles of Paul-Part Two
● Lesson Eleven: The General Epistles
● Lesson Twelve: John’s Epistles and Revelation

Module Eight: Maturity/The Christian Life (Downloads Module 8)
Part 1 Healthy Family Life
● Lesson One: The Life of Lasting Families
● Lesson Two: Traits of Healthy Families
● Lesson Three: The Positives of Parenting
● Lesson Four: Parenting and Self-Esteem
● Lesson Five: Fulfilling Single Parenting
● Lesson Six: The Best of Blended Families

Module Nine: Maturity/The Christian Life (Download Module 9)
Part 2 Healthy Church Life
● Lesson Seven: Worship Together
● Lesson Eight: Pray Together
● Lesson Nine: Serve Together
● Lesson Ten: Give Together
● Lesson Eleven: Learn Together
● Lesson Twelve: Reach Out Together

Module Ten: Leadership/Kingdom Living (Download Module 10)
Part 1 Living in Christ
● Lesson One: The Authority of the Believer
● Lesson Two: Keys to Kingdom Living
● Lesson Three: The Shield of Faith
● Lesson Four: The Marketplace Believer
● Lesson Five: Spiritual Warfare
● Lesson Six: Doing the Stuff

Module Eleven: Leadership/Kingdom Living (Download Module 11)
Part Two The Spirit-Led Life
● Lesson Seven: The Baptism of the Holy Spirit
● Lesson Eight: The Ministry of the Holy Spirit
● Lesson Nine: Obeying the Inner Voice
● Lesson Ten: Obeying the Holy Spirit
● Lesson Eleven: Operating in the Revelation Gifts
● Lesson Twelve: Operating in Power Gifts

Module Twelve: Leadership/Equipped for Leadership (Download Module 12)
Part 1 The Call to Ministry
● Lesson One: Who’s Calling
● Lesson Two: The Five Functions
● Lesson Three: The Preparation
● Lesson Four: What’s a Leader
● Lesson Five: The Art of Mentoring
● Lesson Six: Biblical Authority