Cave Situations

When God puts you in circumstances where you feel trapped and alone, cry out to Him in believing prayer. Steven J. Cole

Cave Situations

Listen to my cry, for I am in desperate need; rescue me from those who pursue me, for they are too strong for me.
Psalm 142:6

When David was being pursued by Saul, he often took shelter in a cave, praying to God for deliverance from his enemies. David’s spirit was overwhelmed and his heart was full of grief but as he cried out to God, pouring out his heart’s burdens to the Lord, he received comfort from the Lord Almighty who was always his anchor and refuge.

David was pursued by enemies who were too powerful for him but when he prayed to God, he had the assurance that although his situation seemed hopeless and desperate, the Lord was his strength and David could praise Him, trusting in God’s faithfulness to protect him. (Psalm 142:7)

Today, we may not be hiding in caves but our life situations can be just as desperate as the trials that David faced. We may have a burden for a backslidden daughter or son, or a family member who needs salvation. There might be a continuous struggle with a family situation, or suffering caused by a progressive illness. Maybe a conflict or false accusation made in our work place is causing us emotional stress. Whatever the situation may be, we can cast our burdens onto God as we cry out to Him for help against the attacks of the enemy. We need to know that God always hears our cries, that He knows our situation and He is our refuge.

Today, whatever may be causing you stress and strife, take it to God and cry out to Him. As you lean on Him completely, He will guide you along the narrow path, giving you wisdom and power to overcome the work of the enemy, so that you will be able to sing like David, “Praise be to the Lord my Rock, who trains my hands for war, my fingers for battle.” Psalm 144:1

Dear Lord,
I come to You in Jesus name. When I cry out to You in despair, I thank You for being my ever-present help. You are my fortress, my stronghold, my deliverer and my shield, in whom I take refuge. Amen.

God bless you,
Theo and Manju

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