Following God’s calling, the Nayagam family arrived in New Zealand in 2001, after having

served in the Foursquare Gospel Church in Colombo, Sri Lanka for over 16 years in various

positions of ministry.


In April 2002, the Nayagam family started a home group which was affiliated to the Elim

Church at Botany, Auckland.


This home group grew, both spiritually and numerically and Dr Jerry Stott who visited

Auckland in April 2002, planted the ‘seed of thought’ that this group could evolve into the

first Foursquare church in New Zealand.


The Falkiner family, who were missionaries from Canada, were also led by God to serve in

New Zealand and they arrived in the latter part of 2002.


The two families were no strangers as they had served together in the Foursquare Gospel

church in Colombo, Sri Lanka for over 4 years. It was evident that the divine hand of God

had brought both the Falkiner and Nayagam families to the ‘Land of the Long White Cloud’

to fulfill His purpose of establishing the Foursquare Church in New Zealand.


Thus, in April 2003, the first Foursquare Church in New Zealand was birthed in Auckland.

Rev Steve Falkiner was appointed as the first national leader of the Foursquare Churches of

New Zealand.


The first trustees of the Foursquare Church of New Zealand were Steve Falkiner, Theo

Nayagam and the late Jana Rajanayagam.